28 Nov

Audrey Comes to Campbeltown

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On Sunday 11th September just before 5pm we went round to the Picture House in Campbeltown to see The Vintage Mobile Cinema, otherwise known as Audrey. Her visit was to celebrate the Picture House being one of Scotland’s Six Hidden Gems in this year’s vote on the Dig It! 2017 website for the year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology with this year’s theme being History, Heritage and Archaeology. The website shows a program of events from organisations across the country. It’s all about discovering Scotland’s past, present and future stories.

           The Advertising Poster

Inside and arranged in tiers just like a cinema Audrey has 22 very comfortable cinema seats, and once inside we had a short introduction then watched a short film telling us about the history of the small fleet of mobile cinema vehicles and the discovery and restoration of Audrey herself.

          Audrey, the Vintage Mobile Cinema.

From the website http://www.vintagemobilecinema.co.uk/:

In the early 1960’s the Government researched the idea of a mobile cinema that could travel around to engineering firms and giving training sessions on how they could improve industrial productivity. A prototype Mobile Cinema was created and by 1964 this was visiting engineering firms and giving training sessions. Any problems and issues were ironed out during this phase before the Government invested a further £1,000,000 in moving the scheme forward and creating the final units. https://www.facebook.com/VintageMobileCinema/

We were then treated to a series of short Pathe newsreels. The films had been specially selected for us and were all Scottish Stories. One or two of the audience stayed on and were able to go back in and join one of the subsequent half hour shows in which the films were varied so as to be able to show a greater number of the available newsreels.

          Audrey’s Projection Booth.

          Audrey parked in Hall Street.

By Helen and Norman Mowatt

Image credits

1.) Advertising Poster. Photo © Norman Mowatt, 2017.

2.) Audrey, the Vintage Movile Cinema. Photo © Helen Mowatt, 2017.

3.) ‘Audrey’s Projection Booth. Photo © Helen Mowatt, 2017.

4.) Audrey parked in Hall Street. Photo © Norman Mowatt, 2017.

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