27 Nov

Hidden Histories: ‘Arrival at Whitehart’


On the 25th of July, 1914, ‘Arrival at Whitehart’ was screened at the Picture House, showing the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders passing through the town. 10 days later and Britain declared war on Germany.

This is rare and important footage of national significance. For many, it could have been the last time they were seen on film.

But who were they? And what were their stories? We know they possibly camped in the field next to Smith Drive in Campbeltown and we also know that the camp also has some interesting stories!

The film is also important because it shows early cinema pioneer Fredrick (Samuel) Burnette and arrive at the Whitehart Hotel, likely being greeted in by Thomas Mair of the Whitehart Hotel.


Here’s the original footage as held by National Libraries Scotland;


Film still and footage copyright National Libraries Scotland.

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