27 Nov

Original Picture House Plans Arrive!


Yesterday we were treated by visit from Pat McCann, Culture and Libraries Manager, Argyll and Bute Council. Pat brought along the original 1912 architects plan drawn by architect Albert Victor Gardner. Here’s Pat handing over the plan to Norman, one of our project archivists.

The team were quick to compare this plan with the 1922 alterations plan also drawn by Gardner, including proposals to double the number of seats in the Picture House. We will now be digitising the original plans in our photographic studio.

If you are interested in digitisation, archiving or historic research, come along and get involved in the project by contacting Robin, community archivist by email: [email protected]

We’d love to have you on-board!

Front Elevation and B… November 27, 2017 The Picture House –… November 27, 2017