27 Nov

Youth forum re-imagines Picture House


So tonight we said goodbye to the Youth Forum (‘Reimagining the Picture House’) for the next few weeks. We continued to explore Minecraft and interviewed each other about our experiences of the cinema before launching our Cinema Memories interviewing project.

Aaron and Reece continued to work on the front of the Picture House (look at the detail!) masterfully continued from Lauren and Niall’s efforts the previous week (check out Lauren’s popcorn machine!)

Skye and Lauren also started on three film mascots for the Picture House. Lauren’s is the one with the rainbow face and microphone hands (we are still finding a name) and Skye’s was Clementina the Cat, both inspired by the CPH logo (there’s a particularly clever rendition of the CPH logo which almost looks like an infinity symbol). This activity grew from the groups earlier suggestion of a Sealion, after looking for a mermaid on Campbeltown Cross..

Well done to everyone who has been involved over the past few weeks, especially to Dawn Wallace and Mairi-Christeen Croll who have made all of this happen. We will be meeting again on the 25th of April. See you there!

In the meantime have a look at our “timelapse” Picture House and mascots! We have successfully created a scaled rendition of the Picture House. Pretty cool!!

The story so far…

Our first session looked at the arrival of early cinema in Campbeltown, the ambitions of early pioneer Fred Rendell Burnette to create a cinema for Campbeltown and the topical film ‘Arrival at Whitehart’.

For the next session our new Minecraft team looked at the original 1912 architectural plans of the Picture House, measured and scaled the floor area required and the height of the walls.

We then compared our measurements to the numbers of “minecraft bricks” required to get our proportions right and started to build. This was the outcome of our first attempt. We soon realised the importance of getting our scales right, and focusing on creating an initial course of brickwork.

During the second session we built around our initial coursing, and selected different materials for the detailing of the front elevation of the Picture House. We also added in some stairs and a doorway. You can see the scale, by looking through the doorway and seeing the back wall.

Our third session got us starting to add the oval roof, balcony and finishes for the front elevation.

Lauren started work on a Minecraft machine to make popcorn!

For our final session before Easter we also started to brainstorm ideas for events and activities. Here’s Lauren’s idea for a mascot!

Picture House Collect… November 27, 2017