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Arthur Hubner

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Born in Liverpool in 1849 Arthur Hubner worked as a travelling Advertising Contractor before moving to Glasgow and becoming involved with Music Hall and the Cinematograph. In a building in Sauchiehall Street possibly best known to Glaswegians as the ABC cinema, he first had an Ice Skating venue which he soon had moving pictures showing in a Cinematograph as ‘Direct from London – The Century’s Sensation’. The pictures were shown as the skaters continued to skate. He was quite possibly the very first person to show moving pictures in Scotland.  Although the joint venture was not a great success Hubner’s insight that Cinematograph was the coming thing was to be followed with his becoming well known for working in several Glasgow venues and for touring with the Cinematograph.

Arthur brought his “Cinematographe” to Campbeltown several times 1898.

His later life and career remains something of a mystery as he is conspicuous by his absence in the genealogical record after the 1901 census.

[24/7/19 – New information has now come to light solving the mystery of what happened to Arthur Hubner!  See here for further information)

Norman Mowatt (July 2017)
Image (with permission): Campbeltown Courier, 8th March 1898


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