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Catherine McTaggert.

Allanna Brough, Archive, People of the Picture House

Catherine McTaggart (née Beatson) was one of the original shareholders in the Picture House. She bought 50 shares in 1912.

Catherine/ Katherine was born into a very educated family.

Her Father, Godfrey Bosville MacDonald Beatson was an Inspection Officer of the Coast Guard, Her Majesty’s Officer Great Guard Division, Inspecting Commander of Coast Guard, Pensions Manager at Royal Exchange Glasgow. One of her uncles was Major General Roger Stewart Beatson. Another, the Surgeon General George Stewart Beatson and a third was the Surgeon General John Fullarton Beatson. Both her Grandfather and Great Grandfather were Captains in the Royal Navy.

The most notable relative was Catherine’s first cousin, George Thomas Beatson. He became Sir George Thomas Beatson, a pioneer in the field of oncology.  In 1894 he became Director of the Glasgow Cancer Hospital and in 1896 he published research that demonstrated the hormonal dependence of some breast cancers. This was well ahead of its time and not until the 1950’s was its importance fully understood. He was a founder member of the St Andrews Ambulance Association and helped establish the Scottish Branch of the Red Cross. The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute are named for him. Campbeltown Museum holds a number of items related to George Thomas Beatson.

Allanna Brough (May 2017)

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