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Adam Ritchie Greig

Archive, David O McEwan, People of the Picture House

Adam (Ritchie) Greig was born at 138 George Street, Paisley on the 7th March 1893. His father John Greig was a Journeyman Dyer in the Thread Mills there. His mother, Margaret Buntin Ritchie, came from Kilbarchan, a village nearby, noted for its history of weaving cloth. By 1911, Adam started work as an apprentice Engine Fitter at a local Engineering Works.

In 1913, he came to Campbeltown to work as the pianist at the newly-built Picture House in Hall Street and he soon became known as a musician of high calibre.


In the 1920s he formed a small orchestra which was much in demand for social functions. For a time he was the organist of Castlehill Church and he was a founder member of the Kintyre Music Club.

In 1931 he went into business as a Stationer and Tobacconist in Union Street, in a shop which also incorporated a small lending librarhttp://picturehousearchive.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/canmore_image_SC00565444.jpg

He married locally to Janet McDougall and they had three children – Margaret, who taught music latterly in Perthshire schools, Russell, who had a fine singing voice but who died aged 42 as the result of a drowning accident in Canada and Norma, who became heavily involved in musical research and was married to Professor Basil Deane an eminent musicologist.

(David O McEwan, June 2017)

Image 1: Ritchie and his band kindly shared by Gen Doy

Image 2: Sheet music, ‘Incidental & Dramatic Music’, Horace Middleton (1912), used by Ritchie Greig, now held by Campbeltown Picture House.

Image 3: Ritchie’s tobacconists, source: https://canmore.org.uk/file/image/565444, with permission.


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