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Ross Wallace

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Full NameRoss Wallace
Maiden name / other names
Birth date1857Birth place: Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Death date28th September 1925Death place: Campbeltown
Buried in Kilkerran Cemetery
Father’s full nameRoss Wallace
Mother’s full name
(maiden name in brackets)
Mary Wallace ( ? )
Spouse(s)Agnes Herbert (married 1887, Glasgow)
ChildrenRoss Wallace, born 1890 Glasgow
Places of residence
  • Huddersfield, Yorkshire
  • 2 Park Lane, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
  • Meadowpark Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow
  • 29 Annette Street, Gorbals, Glasgow
  • 66 Kirk Street, Campbeltown
  • Woodside, Kilkerran Road, Campbeltown
Occupation history
  • Shop Boy – Kilmarnock
  • Shipping Clerk – Glasgow
  • Manager of The Campbeltown and Glasgow Steam Packet Joint Stock Coy. Ltd. – Campbeltown
Relationship with Picture House / Rex CinemaShareholder and local businessman
Life story in a paragraph (summary of above)Campbeltown Courier 3rd October 1925

Death of Mr Ross Wallace


The death took place in Campbeltown Cottage Hospital early in the forenoon of Monday, 28th September,

of Mr Ross Wallace, secretary and manager of the Campbeltown and Glasgow Steam Packet Joint Stock Company, Ltd. The sad event ws in a manner unlooked for.

It succeeded a very sudden and brief illness, from which at the outset a fatal issue was not expected. It was only on Saturday, 19th September, that Mr Wallace was removed to the Cottage Hospital for an operation. Up till then he had been about his business as usual, his illness having developed with startling suddenness. The operation was successful, and by the middle of the week he was so far convalescent that his return to his duties was considered to be within measurable distance. At the weekend, however, new and serious symptoms developed, and on Sunday it became known that the patient’s condition was critical. Death supervened shortly before ten o’clock on Monday morning from Pneumonia.

When the sad news sperad abroad expressions of sorrow and regret were heard on every hand. Deceased had been so long associated with the business life of the community, and the nature of his office brought him into touch with so many, that few men were better known on the town or district, and it was felt that a chapter in the history of an important branch of the business activities of the community had been closed.

Mr Wallace was a Glasgow man, and had been associated with shipping in the Clyde from his youth. He entered the office of Messrs Henry Lamont and Co., shippers, Glasgow, in 1872, and remained with them till April, 1895, when he was appointed secretary and manager of the Campbeltown and Glasgow Steam Packet Joint Stock Coy., Lted., in succession to the late Mr Chas. A. Murray. For thirty years, therefore, he has guided the fortunes of the old Campbeltown Steamboat Company, fulfilling duties that were not always easy with ability, always faithful to the interests of the company, and considerate also of the convenience and reasonable claims of the public. The old Campbeltown Company has been running steamers for a hundred years. Mr Wallace’s thirty years of management represent a considerable slice of its long history. His period with the company may not have been a time of expansion, for when he took over, the Company, with the three steamers Davaar, Kinloch, and Kintyre in service, had reached a pitch that adequately met the demands of the route which it served. The steamers, also, were comparatively new and suited for a mixed cargo and passenger service. The last thirty years have thus represented a period of routine and consolidation.

The loss of the Kintyre in collision reduced the fleet. But a period had again come round when the Company had to move to keep abreast of the times. A new steamer is on order, and it is a regrettable and rather tragic aspect of Mr Wallace’s passing that he has not lived to see the new ship afloat and in service. Regret at the circumstance, however, does not prevent recognition of the fact that it is far from strange in human experience. And when in course of time the new boat makes her maiden trip, and comes up the loch to the quay gaily bedecked as new boats are, there will be some who will have a thought for not a few figures now no more that for a generation were familiar among the throng on the quay – among them that of the late Mt Wallace.

Apart from his business interests Mr Wlaace had two outstanding hobbies, and most of his personal friendships were formed with those mutually interested in bowling and in the cultivation of flowers. He was a very keen bowler, ans spent much of his leisure during the season on the green. As a skip he was a match player much relied upon, while he was also a single handed performer of merit. He was one of those who took a leading part in the formation of the Campbeltown Bowling Club and the laying out of the beautifully situated green at Stronvaar. He was first treasurer of the club, and did the bulk of the pioneer work which ultimately launched the club forth on a very satisfactory financial basis. In later years he was several times president. Nowhere will he be more missed than on the Stronvaar Green.

Mr Wallace had a passion fro flowers, and it was characteristic of him that he was seldom to be seen without a “button-hole” of superior quality. He was a keen supporter of the old Campbeltown Horticultural Society, and a competitor at the shows right up to the time they were abandoned.

Deceased was connected with Longrow U.F. Church. At the time of his death he was a manager, and dischrged the duties of congregational treasurer.

He is survived by his widow and an onlu son, the latter following a business career in London. For the bereaved, and especially for Mrs Wallace in her loneliness and sorrow, the deepest sympathy is felt in the community.

The funeral is taking place today (Thursday) to Kilkerran Cemetery.

Contact with family established (details)?No
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Other noteshttp://www.dalmadan.com/?p=3232

The Campbeltown and Glasgow Steam Packet Joint Stock Coy. Ltd.

The Management.

The agents and managers who have served the company have all been men of business acumen and integrity of character, and their records are long and worthy. Mr John Colville, jr., served as agent and manager from October, 1826, till May, 1839: Mr Peter Stewart from June, 1839, till August, 1869: Mr Duncan Colville was manager from November, 1863, till November, 1865: Mr John Murray, from November, 1865, till May 1884: Mr Chas. A. Murray (brother of the latter), from May 1884, till March 1895. The late Mr Ross Wallace succeeded in 1895, and carried on for 30 years, when his death ended a long and loyal service. He was in turn succeeded by the present manager, Mr Angus Macdougall, who has already given earnest that the fine tradition in the management of the company is in safe and competent hands.

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