Happy as Lazzaro

Happy as Lazzaro

Running Time: 127 Minutes | Genre: Drama
Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Producer: Michael Weber, Carlo Cresto-Dina, Gregory Gajos, Pierre-François Piet, Tiziana Soudani
Starring: Nicoletta Braschi, Sergi Lopez, Alba Rohrwacher, Agnese Graziani, Luca Chikovani, Adriano Tardiolo

Synopsis: This screening is part of DISTILLED – a programme of the best in Art House, documentary, vintage and foreign language films.Following on the cinematic footsteps of Pasolini, Jarman and Fellini, Italian writer-director Alice Rohrwacherâ’s latest film focuses on Lazzaro (talented newcomer Adriano Tardiolo), a beautiful peasant whose sweet nature makes people mistake him for simple-minded. He happily does the bidding of anyone in his local village, which is ruled over by the Marchesa (Nicoletta Braschi), and finds an unlikely friend in Marchesaâ’s petulant son Tancredi, who convinces his hapless ally to help him stage a dramatic incident to secure a ransom.

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Show Date Mon, 01 April