Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love and War

Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love and War

Running Time: 90 Minutes | Genre: Documentary
Director: Matt Pinder
Producer: Matt Pinder, Carina Birrell
Starring: Richard Madden, Harry Birrell, Carina Birrell, Judy Thomson, Norman Spiers

Synopsis: This screening is part of DISTILLED – a programme of the best in Art House, documentary, vintage and foreign language films.Harry Birrell was given his first cine-camera as a boy in 1928. He spent his life recording incidents great and small. Home movies of family events and fine romances now ache with fond nostalgia but Harry's life was also filled with far away adventures. This beautifully composed, captivating documentary plunders the treasure trove of Harry's 400 films and personal diaries to capture a vivid sense of wartime years spent in Bombay, the jungles of Burma and the mountains of Nepal. Narrated by Richard Madden.

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Show Date Mon, 28 October